I very first described history attributes and you will outcome indicators

I very first described history attributes and you will outcome indicators

2nd, i looked at then dangers of this child relationship, of the quoting a number of regression designs (logistic to have dichotomous consequences details and you may ordinary the very least squares (OLS) to possess carried on consequences) for every of one’s consequences revealed more than. Control found in this data included individual services (ages and you may higher informative attainment), household-level issues (family dimensions; quantity of professionals inside each of the pursuing the age groups: 0 so you can 5 years, 6 so you’re able to twelve age, 13 to help you 17 many years, 18 in order to 24 ages, twenty-five so you’re able to 34 years, 35 so you’re able to forty-two many years, forty-five so you’re able to 54 many years, and you will 55 to 64 many years; sex of the direct out of house; whether the direct out of house had ever before went to university; record from month-to-month house mature comparable use into the Ghana cedi) and you may a good dichotomous changeable for every of one’s districts Karaga, Yendi, Bongo and you will Garu-Tempane.


We estimated the regressions on a few subgroups of females who’ve previously started married or cohabited. Very first, we take the typical age group to have look to the child ple proportions for the majority your outcomes in this age group, we in addition to estimate our very own regressions with the more substantial subsample of females: 20 so you’re able to 30 decades. Try brands for regressions run on more outcomes may vary, as the information on contraceptive play with, empowerment, public help, stress and you can time preferences was basically gathered among only one feminine for every single domestic (part of the questionnaire respondent), if you are outcomes instance general health and reproductive fitness are available for everyone feminine out-of reproductive many years on the home.

Every analyses had been work with that have Stata 14.dos (College Station, TX) and also in multivariate analyses, standard problems was in fact modified in every analyses to help you take into account clustering at people-peak.

Try qualities

Desk 1 brings descriptive statistics stratified from the generation. Educational attainment Itu women dating of one’s women in the fresh try was lowest, with alongside 70% reaching no knowledge anyway on the 20 to help you 24 12 months generation (75% throughout the 20 so you can 30 12 months generation). Every feminine live-in the new Northern region of Ghana, which is also a reflection of concentrating on of dollars transfer program, and you will most ladies are in the a good monogamous relationships otherwise partnership. not, polygyny is normal, that have twenty-five% out of lady on 20 to help you 24 season age bracket inside a great polygamous wedding otherwise partnership (31% of females old 20 so you can 29 many years). The baby relationships price from the 20 to 24 seasons age category was 30%. As much as cuatro% out-of 20 to help you 24 season olds married in advance of many years 15. Regarding 20 to help you 29 seasons generation, as much as one in four women married in advance of many years 18 and step three.5% ahead of many years 15. Footnote 8

Table 2 depicts the brand new form and you may standard deviations of your own consequences checked out within this research. Whenever 1/3rd of your sample (24% of those 20 in order to 24 age) account having a condition over the past two weeks, and 21% of your decide to try (18%) self-statement staying in fair otherwise poor health. Next, 44% (46%) declaration devoid of a legitimate NHIS card. In terms of virility and birth control, the typical period of first birth inside our take to was 19 ages, and forty five% (47%) report having their first beginning throughout adolescence. Prices of contemporary birth-control fool around with was in fact fourteen% (12%). It low rate (as compared to 21 to help you 24% of women aged 20 to help you 31 age across the country having fun with a modern method ) most likely shows each other poverty-relevant birth prevention-availability traps and additionally analysis qualification requirements (maternity and you can article-pregnancy), whenever women are less likely to want to use contraception. Not many women statement already saving cash during the dollars (6% of one’s full take to and you may 4% of your own 20 so you’re able to 24 season olds), highlighting general requirements out-of poverty inside decide to try. Then, regarding the service (empowerment) scale, the commission revealing they feel they have the benefit and make decisions pertaining to different situations range from 11% (home really-getting (9%)) so you’re able to 22% (lives path (21%)). Averages into MOS-SS and you may Cohen identified worry scales was in fact () and you can (21), respectively.