The latest Escapades of Brisco Condition Jr. Season 1 Attacks

The latest Escapades of Brisco Condition Jr. Season 1 Attacks

Tongue-in-cheek Western having an effective Harvard-knowledgeable hero whom transforms bounty huntsman whenever his father is actually murdered because of the a power-eager big date visitor of 2506 having out to take a mysterious orb. The fresh underrated show is actually quickly moving, such as flick-matinee serials of your own ’30s and you may ’40s, that will be reminiscent of the newest 1960s’ ‘Wild, Wild West’ and you may, in a whole lot more amiable times, ‘Maverick.’


Bounty hunter Brisco is actually leased of the West’s strongest robber barons to bring on the John Bly group. Bly: Billy Ekstra kaynaklar Drago. Lord Bowler: Julius Hold. Socrates Poole: Christian Clemenson. Prof. Wickwire: John Astin.

The brand new Orb Student

On the path off Bly, Brisco activities an university student inside the Colorado who may have this new orb. Ogden Coles: Brandon Maggart. Donovan Joe: Tap Skipper. Puel: Robert Picardo. Bly: Billy Drago. Brisco: Bruce Campbell.

No man’s land

If you find yourself tailing the bank-robbing Swill brothers, Brisco winds up from inside the a town where sisterhood ‘s the rule. Jenny: Denise Crosby. Will: Denis Forest. Gil: Judson Scott. Bill: Jeremy Roberts. Phil: Tracey Walter.

Brisco inside Jalisco

Brisco and you can Socrates (Religious Clemenson) mix this new border to recover stolen weapons. Pena: Michael DeLorenzo. Gen. Zaca: Miguel Perez. Pete Hutter: John Pyper-Ferguson. Dixie: Kelly Rutherford.

Socrates’ Aunt

Socrates’sister (Judith Hoag)—who’s and additionally legal counsel—try conned toward helping regarding the avoid away from her customer, an excellent Treasury-dish thief hauled from inside the by the Brisco (Bruce Campbell). Randolph: William Russ. Pete: John Pyper-Ferguson. Prof Wickwire: John Astin. Socrates: Christian Clemenson. Lord Bowler: s.


Socrates (Christian Clemenson) can be their ears in trouble just after losing new robber barons’ currency so you can an effective riverboat casino player. Brett Bones: Xander Berkeley. Wylie: Monte Russell. Hatchett: Don Stroud.


Brisco and Lord Bowler participate in order to sink a band from pirates with put its swashbuckling ways onto dry land. Blackbeard: Andrew Divoff. Brisco: Bruce Campbell. Lord Bowler: Julius Carry. Sketch: Robert O’Reilly.

Senior Soul

Brisco will get assistance from his father’s ghost as he attempts to save yourself a beneficial robber baron’s young man kidnapped by the John Bly (Billy Drago). Brisco Sr.: R. Lee Ermey. Jason: Jason es DiStefano.

Brisco into Safeguards

Brisco defends a vintage pal (Edward Blatchford) implicated of murdering a well known resident inside the a crazy West city. Sheriff Bumper: Felton Perry. Charlotte: Jensen Daggett. Cassie: Carol Huston.


Brisco gets control the commitments away from sheriff within his hometown after it’s taken over from the a cattle baron. Annie: Jessica Tuck. Cavendish: John P. Ryan. Brackman: Richard Promotion. Bishop: Michael Bowen. Olaf: Anthony Starke. Bowler: Julius Bring.

Deep in the heart of Dixie

Brisco and you can Dixie (Kelly Rutherford) look for love while on the fresh manage of a keen assassin during the quest out of Dixie, having incriminating evidence up against a beneficial politico. Smiles: David Warner. Rita Avnet: Andrea Parker. Cartwright: James Greene.

Amazingly Hawks

A bounty hunter (Sheena Easton) aims to entice Brisco, having desired to possess a destroying he didn’t to go. Big Smith: Meters.C. Gainey. John Bly: Billy Drago. Brisco: Bruce Campbell. Lord Bowler: Julius Hold. Socrates: Christian Clemenson.

Material Horses

Brisco and you can Lord Bowler step-up to catch a gang you to definitely takes model motorbikes and roars out-of after the orb. Brisco: Bruce Campbell. Juno Dawkins: Don Michael Paul. Angel: Josh Richman. Cartwright: James Greene. Hans: Brian Cousins.

Mail order Brides

About three send-buy brides get Brisco and Bowler to help you line the newest Swill brothers, who’ve robbed all of them and are generally today looking to a prize bull. Meg: Age Barondes. Will: Denis Tree. Bill: Jeremy Roberts. Sally: Romy Rosemont. Caitlin: Kim Walker. Phil: Tracey Walter. Lil Swill: Nan Martin.

A good.K.A beneficial. Ohio

Brisco pursues Dixie’s ex lover-husband, who proposes he and Dixie deal out just after he heists good supercannon. Dixie: Kelly Rutherford. Doctor McCoy: Christopher Steeped. Mongoose: Obba Babatunde. Rita: Andrea Parker.

Bounty Hunter’s Discussion

Brisco and you may Bowler meets most other bounty hunters at an isle lodge, where in fact the seekers get to be the hunted. Las vegas, nevada Cooper: Jonathan Schaech. Rosalind: Clare Wren. Brisco: Bruce Campbell. Dr. Keber: Clement Von Franckenstein. Socrates: Religious Clemenson.

Fountain of youth

Responding to a note out of Prof. Coles, Brisco and Bowler end on a crash movement that have Bly (Billy Drago) in pursuit of the newest orb. Lillian: Terri Ivens. Prof. Coles: Brandon Maggart. Brisco: Bruce Campbell. Bowler: Julius Bring. Socrates: Religious Clemenson.


Brisco and you can Bowler attempt to prevent men from harassing Bowler’s dated flame, who resists the fresh new people’s tries to extort shelter money. Lenore: JoNell Kennedy. Hondo: Nicolas Surovy. Whip: Jeff Phillips. Viva: Gary Hudson. Brisco: Bruce Campbell.

Brooklyn Dodgers

A pair of urchins wants to allege a gold-mine, but needs Brisco and you can Bowler’s make it possible to dodge an excellent questionable The York group to get it done. Tommy: Michael Cade. Shannon: Mercedes McNab. Monaghan: Clark Brolly.

Bye Bly

A fact regarding upcoming alerts Brisco one Bly is certian to escape of their orb jail. Carina: Melanie Smith. Bly: Billy Drago. Pepe: Stewart Bick. Chairman Cleveland: Richard Herd. Broker Browne: Kevin Lowe. Socrates: Religious Clemenson.

Ned Zed

Brisco pursues lender robber Ned Zed (Casey Siemaszko) toward Northwest, where the guy encounters a classic flame and you may a keep out of good theif away for payback. Frances: Brenda Bakke. Frenchie Bearpaux: Beam Bumatai. Emerson: James Drury.


Brisco chatrooms an excellent stagecoach so you’re able to escort good seized spy (Lisa Collins) on the North american country border to own a beneficial prisoner exchange—and there’s a keen assassin with each other. Dr. Milo: Timothy Leary. Bobby Swan: Aries Spears. Pete Hutter: John Pyper Ferguson.

Wild Cards

Brisco support Dixie and her aunt Dolly race a mob trying power over Reno gaming. Dixie: Kelly Rutherford. Dolly: Elaine Hendrix. Whip: Jeff Phillips. Enzio: Louis Giambalvo. Joey: Paul Ben-Victor. Dino: Peter Dobson. Bowler: Julius Carry.

And you can Baby Produces About three

A ring off warriors want the child heir towards the Chinese throne. Chan: Tzi Ma. Dixie: Kelly Rutherford. Lee Pow: James Hong. Pete Hutter: John Pyper-Ferguson. Whip: Jeff Phillips. Brisco: Bruce Campbell. Bowler: Julius Bring.

Bad luck Betty

Brisco and Bowler is tried to own treason after seeking to let the newest Army access a great kidnapped heiress. Region 1 of 2. Col. pbell. Capt. Phipps: Raye Birk. Bowler: Julius Carry.

Higher Treason

Conclusion. Brisco and you may Bowler avoid execution, however, at the very top people has orders to search them down. Brisco: Bruce Campbell. Bowler: Julius Bring. Col. March: Terry Bradshaw. Socrates: Religious Clemenson. Gen. Quarry: Michael Fairman. Chairman Cleveland: Richard Herd. Jennifer: Ely Pouget. Pete Hutter: John Pyper-Ferguson. Prof. Wickwire: John Astin. Viva: Gary Hudson.