Like all individuals, they have about a tiny lineage

Like all individuals, they have about a tiny lineage

For hundreds of years it actually was assumed the Feni got access to particular secret that makes it hard to track them otherwise locate their agreements, causing conjecture that every people had a good amount of ritualists aimed at the newest miracle away from Evening, or one to its agreements were created in components which might be obviously warded in certain manner. More recent revelations yet not features bare that Feni agreements seem to end up being create to the regio spaces causing them to impossible in order to strategy proper who would not know the wonders out of entering the chamber. You can find credible accounts regarding Drong the raiding organizations. It’s shocking one given its tendency to alive in to the incredibly enchanting components, which they don’t have far more lineaged folks among their number.

They appear to own an outright hatred to have orcs. There are several incidents where entire orc patrols were came across butchered and their corpses horribly mutilated, certainly the brand new subjects of Feni. Unfortunately, they apparently use up all your possibly the experience or desires to differentiate involving the barbarian orcs while the Imperial Orcs, as well as the very least that legion from orcs has been missing so you can Feni while on manoeuvres in the north Marches.

The “primitive” appearance are emphasized about what seems to be too little indigenous metalwork – they normally use stolen weapons and you can armor once they can buy they, however some was found playing with bronze if you don’t flint weapons. Situations recovered from lifeless Feni, otherwise sometimes tossed up to own trade from the peddlers, were easy and functional, indicating either you to developments within the publishing process in the last half dozen centuries have mostly passed them by, otherwise that they have social aspects of eschewing iron and you can material really works.

An average perception is that it is hard to make silent connection with this new Feni; although some beaters and itinerant merchants have the ability to plan an excellent meeting with a couple of agents of one’s Feni, it describe her or him just like the uncommunicative, skeptical, and you will uncooperative. Again, newer improvements – especially pertaining to the large enclave in Alderly from inside the Mournwold – keeps suggested far closer, borderline friendly, links ranging from particular Feni in addition to their Marcher neighbours.


Previous Record

In summer 381YE, a large sinkhole exposed from the north-west Empire. Although this brought about harm to the fresh Imperial customers when you look at the Hahnmark, Temeschwar, Miaren, and you will Upwold. Their houses that have fell on sinkhole, the Feni split up into a couple communities compelled to pass through brand new Empire to locate the fresh property. You to definitely class went southern as a consequence of Upwold towards the Mournwold – called the fresh new “Woods one Decrease” Feni – due to the fact most other went north as a result of Hahnmark. Each other teams obtained so much more Feni as they travelled, up to it exhibited a serious situation into west Empire.

The new Wintermark class sooner gone regarding Hahnmark for the Hercynia, where it vanished, most likely on the assistance of an endless. The team in the Marches however achieved momentum whilst went southern, Just after numerous pitched fights, they at some point prosecuted to have peace and you will have been allowed to hop out the Mournwold to own Liathaven. In the process, not, the fresh e toward possession out of guidelines based on how to discover the settlement of your Feni residing in the newest deepness out of Alderly. At the forefront to the winter Solstice 382YE, the newest Drakes made use of this information to wreck the newest Alderly enclave.

More rather influenced were a large number of Feni on the forests out-of Birchland and you may Wood Heath

Evidently the latest Feni are living much more publicly in Liathaven – regardless of the exposure of a negative curse across the region – in the place of hiding inside regio. There are even records away from Feni off their agreements and work out their way to the previous Navarr countries. Navarr interest into the Liathaven – initially intended for this new Heirs from Terunael category – found more details about the situation inside Liathaven into advancement off Hotter’s Mire and you will an anxious detente toward Kingdom. Just like the with the Autumn 384YE, not, the Jotun has once more occupied Liathaven and Feni appear for been thrown.